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Web Development is my job, and photography is my summer passion.

Web Developer is what my CV says — but I am just as happy to be labelled an designer or engineer. What I really do, what I live for, is solving problems.

I made websites for T-Mobile, Hudson's Bay, PON and many local companies in Holland. An iPhone web-app, 360 Survey system and CMR system are previous solutions I built. I'm currently making an e-commerce solution for AdventureTickets.nl.

In summer I enjoy street photography, landscapes and summer photoshoots with friends. And when it isn't raining in Holland — which is 5 days out of the year — you can find me outside with my DSLR (or a book).


Adem en Eefje

Adem en Eefje | iPhone app

Adem en Eefje is an iPhone app for Dutch children with breathing problems like asthma. It gives the children video breathing exercises and a logbook to record their mood and medicine use per day.

I've made a dashboard for the doctor to see the progress of each of their patients.


Boralis.nl | A web company Boralis.nl | A web company Boralis.com | Tablet size Boralis.com | Tablet size

Boralis is a Dutch web company investing in startups in web & mobile. I've implemented their new homepage and made it fully responsive (mobile-ready, tablet-ready).



Klunc is a way of shopping online together. I have implemented their homepage and customer pages.


Vrij Universiteit, Amsterdam

Bachelor + Masters in Artificial Intelligence

Finished my masters in Artificial Intelligence on the topic of Data Mining Facebook.

I also finished courses in Programming, Mathematics, Statistics, Psychology, Logic, Machine Learning and Data Mining.

Work Experience

My Skills


Dutch English

Web Languages:

HTML CSS3 jQuery BootStrap WordPress Drupal Python MySQL PHP Isotopes Photoshop Facebook API Pinterest API Amazon Products API GIT SVN

Programming & Data Mining:

Java Weka Matlab R MongoDB Data Mining Machine Learning


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